Client Testimonials


"Ginastica Natural has helped me loosen up my hips and shoulders which I was in desperate need of. Molli and Josuke are so well-versed and balance workouts with power, strength, coordination, and mobility. They know how to work with people who have been training competitively and also people who are just starting their fitness journey.  Can't wait till tomorrow to get some more Tuff Love in my life!!"


"I take the Ginastica Natural class at Guardian Gym on Saturdays and I love it. The classes focus on movement, mobility, and breathing, which all complement the martial arts I study there too. Molli is a great instructor because she has a ton of knowledge and experience with injuries. When I told her I had problems with hip mobility, she spent nearly the whole class showing me hip exercises. Josuke is also an excellent instructor because he's patient and makes sure to explain all the movements very precisely. I really appreciate his technique-over-everything approach. If they offered this class every day, I would go!"



"I took the intro to women's self defense class with Mollii and Josuke. In just three Saturdays I learned so much about how to carry myself in my everyday city life and how to take care of myself in scary situations. The teachers are patient and approachable, and everything is demonstrated and tried until it's gotten. The space, Guardian Gym, is lovely and well-lighted and convenient, and the class was actually fun despite talking about some terrifying stuff. I can honestly say that I left there much more empowered and knowledgable about how to move in the world."


"The 3-day women's self-defense workshop I took with Mollii and Josuke was a truly beneficial and fun experience! I had been meaning to do something like this for a long time - this was definitely a fantastic intro.

The environment Mollii and Josuke create is very positive, supportive and, as I already mentioned, fun! Their knowledge, patience, guidance and thorough explanations are also conducive to making this workshop such a success. The self-confidence gained from the techniques we learned, to avoid and/or get out of varying bad situations no matter what your body size, is invaluable. I encourage all women to do this!"


"I took the 'Fierce & Fit' class in January and February 2017 as a refresher for a self-defense class I'd taken over a decade earlier elsewhere. I was impressed with the way each successive class built on the skills, moves and awareness we learned in each previous class. I was also impressed that the moves were based on real experience. The idea that the attacks other people had suffered were studied so the rest of us could figure out how to cope with them was not only a great basis for effective strategic training, it was moving and inspiring. Knowing the structure was based in reality and on experience motivated me to put my heart into learning the moves."


"I've exercised and trained with Mollii for nearly a decade... she has always been my 'go to' exercise guru for some fitness inspiration to get back into shape, help me stay in shape, and challenge me over and over again to reach more optimal fitness. Not only is Mollii tough and determined to make her students work hard, she incorporates a variety of modalities to keep the workouts interesting-- strength and conditioning, yoga, martial arts, and Ginástica Natural. No two workouts are quite the same, but we know to expect a well rounded exercise routine with a warm up, cardio and plyometrics/strength, and of course, stairs! Mollii modifies for different bodies and needs, but don't let her see you slippin', cuz she will push you, and surprisingly, you will have a really good time working out! I wish I could work out with her more often!"



"Wow! Mollii will get you results you didn't know were possible. She'll push you harder than you've ever been pushed (and make you laugh if you can catch your breath). And she's a wonderful person underneath all that tuff exercise love. I've trained with her for several years. After the first month, I didn't recognize my body in the mirror; it had changed that much (and all for the better). The Mollii experience is highly recommended."


"Mollii is the greatest! She will get you in shape but use a lot of less conventional techniques to get you there. There's lots of emphasis on natural movements that will not only get you stronger and have more endurance but also more flexible. If you are looking to have fun and get in shape plus get a full body workout that will get you not only looking good but functionally better, she's the one for you!"



"I can't say enough good things about ginastica natural; I am always recommending it to friends, training partners and students. It has strengthened my grappling more than any other type of conditioning or drills. The emphasis on agility on the ground translates directly into my jiu jitsu training. I love how the exercises build strength yet are low-impact. I never feel beat up after ginastica classes, perfect for martial artists who get beat up enough in our training. People who aren't martial artists love ginastica, too! It's perfect for anyone who wants to increase their strength and mobility through intuitive and healing movements."



"Mollii is ground zero for the best fitness work out.  She is the best, and her workouts are a real challenge. They combine cardio and really different moves that require balance and strength like nothing I have experienced before. Challenge yourself and take Mollii's class! You will only be glad that you made that decision."

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"My daughters (ages 15 and 12) and I have been training with Mollii for about 5 years now. We love her motivational words, and she's extremely patient with us. She's incredibly gifted at working with kids. My girls love her and her classes."


"The Tuff Love Self-Defense course will help give you skills and confidence to protect yourself in a variety of situations, including avoiding danger in the first place. Also, it was fun. The incredibly knowledgeable instructors take you through basic skills such as getting out of a wrist hold and progress through more and more complicated scenarios. You will be absolutely amazed what you can do with some practice and leverage! I think this would be a great gift for girls about to head off to college, or basically anyone."



"I took the 3-Week Women's Self-Defense Workshop for three Saturdays and loved it. The class offers expert instructors that give a well rounded description of self-defense techniques and excellent opportunities for hands-on practice. Molly and Josuke are amazing instructors. Not only do they explain the techniques very clearly but they model them, offer ample opportunities to practice these techniques, and are very patient with the students. I would highly recommend this class for anyone who is interested in a beginning self-defense class. It is well worth the price for the information and techniques I received. I feel armed with baseline moves that really work in real life. I am looking forward to expanding these techniques and will be on the lookout for a next level class!"